Projects pitch their ideas to crypto judges

Killer Whales is a reality television show co-produced by HELLO Labs and CoinMarketCap. Combining Web3 partners, blockchain technology, celebrity talent and Hollywood production values to deliver a show that transcends the crypto sphere and enters the general public's zeitgeist.

It‘s sink or swim as Web3 entrepreneurs from all over the world showcase their ground-breaking crypto and NFT projects to the panel of Killer Whales judges, made up of the most popular influencers, hot shot VCs, and famous founders.

Shot in Hollywood, Los Angeles, the show aims to entertain and educate a mainstream audience on the risks and rewards of Web3.

Each episode focuses on a different Web3 genre, from Game-Fi to De-Fi, designed to help the viewer better understand the underlying technology and use-cases. Projects of all shapes and sizes have a fair chance to participate.

The show is a great example of how the whole Web3 community can come together to reach a mainstream audience. Show partners include exchanges BitGet, Security expert Hacken and data aggregator CoinMarketCap. Watch the trailer

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