Dash for your life in this 3D runner.

Dash of the Dead is the sequel to Doge Dash and features a 3D zombie-infested city which players must navigate their way through to survive. The goal is to dash through the city and collect as many coins as you can in order to scale the weekly leaderboard and win some tasty $HELLO tokens. Play Now!


The game is based on a 3D runner principle, with a maximum duration of 15 minutes. The player controls their gaming character to move left and right with a series of enemies trying to get to the player. The player dies when an enemy, or an obstacle is hit. The players objective is to collect the coins in the game, which are added to the players total score after finalizing the level.


Players can up their game by playing with a Doge Dash Gen 1 NFT, available on Opensea. The NFT serves as a unique skin for the character, as well as offers additional benefits to the player:

  • All NFTs: +1 life

  • Crown: x3 score multiplier

  • Golden $ chain: x2 score multiplier

  • X-eyes: +1 life

  • Halo: +1 life

  • Angel Wings: super jump + glide

  • Wing sneakers: super jump

  • Mohawk: headbutt zombies

  • Sunglasses: See zombies light up in the distance


Dash of the Dead features an integrated marketplace to allow players to spend their HELLO Credits to buy upgrades, and special skills and revive their character after dying in the game.

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