Something for everyone.

The ecosystem is built on the $HELLO token and is designed to offer a seamless "Web2 meets Web3" experience; that guides even the most basic of users to take their first step to owning a digital asset.

The $HELLO token is at the center of the HELLO Labs ecosystem, providing users with a convenient and efficient way to access all of our products and services. As a utility token, $HELLO is designed to facilitate transactions within the HELLO Labs ecosystem.

By using $HELLO, users can:

  • Watch Our Shows: Holders can use $HELLO tokens to purchase access to individual episodes or entire seasons of HELLO TV content. By using $HELLO, viewers can benefit from fast and secure payments.

  • Play Our Games: Holders can use $HELLO tokens to purchase credits in the HELLO Arcade. The Arcade currently features two game: Doge Dash and Dash of the Dead. Credits can be used to play games, access in-game items, rewards, and bonuses, as well as participate in special events and tournaments.

As we continue to expand our offerings and explore new opportunities in the Web3 entertainment space, we remain committed to the vision of $HELLO as a central and integral part of our ecosystem.

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